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About Us

CIM Supply Solutions was created out of the necessity of several of our customers.

The demand for a reliable, trustworthy and affordable service supplier, who can truly support their international trading requirements, without taking advantage of their position, is what prompted the creation of CIM Supply Solutions.

Headquartered in North Fort Worth, Texas, CIM has over 20 years of experience connecting suppliers and customers in China, Mexico, Canada, the Netherlands, Central America, Dominican Republic, Brasil, Chile, Argentina, and the USA.

We work on both sides of the equation. We can develop reliable suppliers that can support your operation as well as help find customers for your products or services.

Aluminum in México

Our experience comes from Exporting and Importing products and services in different industries. Some of these industries are:


Food & Beverage

RTC; Ready to Eat Cereals, canned vegetables, salsas, and experience with perishables.



Premium Cigars.



Boxes, fillers, displays, printing, packaging design, etc…


Metals Distribution:

Steel; casted and rolled, and aluminum for the Automotive and Medical Industries.


Indirect Consumables:

Oils, tools, paint, safety equipment, glue, tape, etc…

Our Vision

To help our customers grow their business in a reliable, trustworthy and affordable way, allowing us to be part of their success.

 Areas of Service

Supplier Development:

  • We’ll find the supplier that can comply with the Quality, Volumes, and Delivery you need.
  • We’ll go directly to the manufacturer to eliminate the middleman to reduce your cost.
  • We’ll help you develop the logistics to ensure a balance between cost and timely delivery.
  • We’ll negotiate on your behalf, to establish a Win-Win relationship with the supplier.

 Business Development:

  • We’ll learn and understand your products and production capabilities.
  • We’ll match your products with importers needing your products in other countries.
  • We can help to develop your international sales strategy and international prices.
  • We can help you to determine the terms that are more convenient for your operation.
  • CIM can serve as the Exporter of Record.
  • CIM can generate all the necessary Export documents.

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