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Aluminum Production

CIM Supply Solutions is now the approved Distributor of MAX5,ALCA5 and Bus plates; manufactured in the USMCA region, by PCP Aluminum.

PCP Aluminium cast plates can be used in many applications without further surface machining. While these plates offer good corrosion resistance, the customers may desire to change the plates’ appearance for particular applications, improve corrosion resistance or increase surface hardness. PCP Aluminium plates respond well to a variety of finishing treatments, including grinding, polishing, painting, anodizing, hard coating, electroplating, etching and chemical treatments.

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PCP Products Applications

Manufacturing: Tools, Jigs, Equipment making, Tooling, CNC Jigs Mount, Base plates

Automotive: Molding

Plastic: Molding making

Energy: Bus bars, Semi Conductors, Transformers, Power Down Stations,

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